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WEMS attends LSE China Development Forum 2019 23rd Feb 2019

First launched in 2009, the Forum has grown phenomenally over the past 10 years to become the largest China-themed forum in Europe, hosting an audience of over 400 each year.

The 2019 Forum, “Embracing New Dynamics” hosts world-class speakers as they join the debate and share their invaluable insights and answers to the challenges facing China in the new era.

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The Social Enterprisers: Impacting Africa one country at a time 6th Feb 2019

A networking event hosted by Warwick Africa Summit, Warwick Emerging Markets, Warwick Kickstart & Warwick Entrepreneurs presenting speaker-founders who are impacting Africa in various innovative ways

Join us as we celebrate and learn from African Warwick alumni & students who are founders of their own social enterprises

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Past Events

In Dialogue With: Suwei Jiang

Ms. Suwei Jiang, Head of PwC UK’s China Business Group, came to the university to talk about the role of the China Business Group, China’s position as an emerging market in the global landscape, and the obstacles and opportunities that lie in its way.

Giles Mohan - The Chinesation of Africa: a blessing or a curse?

Giles Mohan, formerly a handling editor of the Review of African Political Economy, spoke about China's significant investments in Africa and their implications for the continent from a development and moral point of view.

Eric Golson - Putin Underestimated: The Russian Economy isn't Doomed

Eric Golson is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford, and Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick and London School of Economics. Eric Golson spoke about the effects of sanctions on the Russian economy, its growth capabilities, and the underestimated power of its leader, Vladimir Putin.

Cocktail Making with EY An opportunity for you to get to know people at the firm, understand what it is like to work in professional services and you might be paired with a business mentor who will guide you through your journey of applying to EY . Needless to say, it will also be lots of fun! 

EY Cryptic Campus Competition You will be presented with a series of bespoke illustrations, each one consisting of 20 cryptic clues representing a piece of trivia about Warwick University. Select the canvas for Warwick, decipher the clues and you can start winning prizes!

EY Consulting Case Study This is an Interactive session about real life projects that you could work on as a consultant and will give you the skills to succeed in an interview.

EY Mock Assessment Centre This is a group exercise where you will get the opportunity to listen to presentations by other groups, give your own presentations, and learn from them and hear advice from EY representatives!

EY Mock Interview The evening consists of a series of mock interviews designed to test your strengths, commercial awareness and leadership. You can even have your CV's looked at by EY Representatives!

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